A Look Inside Winter Wedding Cake Decorations

by Mindy Fahrmeier

When I got engaged, like many brides, and wanted a fall wedding for the leaves changing color and the cooler temperatures. Since I have often thought if I could do it all over again, I’d choose a winter wedding, one of the main reasons is the cake; winter wedding cakes can be so elegant. When sitting down with new brides, often I ask my winter brides, “if they are interested in a winter wedding cake?” Come along with me as we look at winter wedding cake decorations.


A winter theme provides a range of cake decorating choices: elegant, fun, glamorous, and whimsical. My favorite shape for a winter wedding cake is a stacked hexagon cake. Not only does the shape make it stand out from a traditional wedding cake, but it also mimics a snowflake. Their shape provides a great canvas to arrange handmade snowflakes or showcase delicate snowflake piping.  

winter wedding cake blue
winter wedding cake snow flakes

Let’s look at the many different decorating options for winter wedding cakes. 

  1. One decorative option is going over the top of the cake with huge snowflake gum paste cascades. 
  2. Or, for a more subtle nod to the season, another design could be to keep it low-key by simply adding edible glitter to the tops of the tiers will give the illusion of snow. Edible glitter is sparkly and reflects the light because it is a texture without adding color or piping designs. 
  3. Texturing the cake provides many different options to elevate the look and design of the cake. 
  4. Adding fresh flowers, greenery, or winter berries from your florist makes the cake a timeless design that you will continue to look back at and love as time goes on.


winter wedding cake snow hexagon snow flake
winter wedding cake traditional round snow flake

Winter wedding cakes provide an opportunity to select a fun cake topper! For instance, a Christmas Tree, pinecones, snowflakes, even a snow globe. Over the years, one of my favorites was a bride and groom snowman cake topper complimented with the bride’s accent colors. Above all, the most popular is the custom name cake toppers with an added snowflake.


Whatever the season you choose for your special day, Receptions is here to help you plan your memorable day. How can I help you decorate your dream wedding cake?

winter wedding cake snow hexagon red
winter wedding cake gift wrap

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