BY: Kayla Shelton

Picking the Right DJ

Now that you have the venue picked out, date set, and dress ordered, what is next? Time to lock in some of the most important vendors- The Wedding DJ! Let’s dive into what to look for and ask when shopping around for your wedding DJ.

First off, yes, you really should get a wedding DJ. A good DJ is more than just a guy/gal playing some tunes. They help organize the order of events for the reception, cue the music for all the events, introduce you and your bridal party, coordinate with the venue, and MCs throughout the evening. But, on the other hand, they play a vital role in keeping your event running on time. By smoothly transitioning from cocktail hour to dinner, then bouquet toss, open dancing, and whatever other activities you have planned for the evening. 

What to look for when picking the right DJ

Someone who has experience is a huge plus! They will know how to go with the flow if you are running late from the ceremony, have the best equipment that fits the space, and of course, a great variety of songs. Also, make sure it is willing to customize your playlist. A great DJ will ask for songs you want to hear and songs you don’t want to hear (not everyone likes the chicken dance at their reception, and that’s okay!) An experienced DJ will be organized and communicate those things with you in advance and not bother you the night of your reception with song requests and questions. We have a few very reputable and experienced wedding DJs on our preferred vendor list that will do just that!



Aside from the music and MC services, many wedding DJs offer additional lighting, sparklers, cloud dances, initial monograms, and more! The different options come with other price points, so don’t be afraid to shop around a little and see who has what you are looking for and fits into your budget. Also, be sure to ask if they have special bundles with different upgrade options to get the best bang for your buck! Ultimately budget is an essential factor for most couples when planning, so don’t be afraid to get a couple of estimates and see what wedding DJ would be the best fit for your reception. 

The right DJ will keep the party going

The wedding DJ’s job is to keep the party going, read the crowd and make your reception a night everyone remembers. We often see that Receptions without a good DJ end early because guests leave after cake. If you want guests staying and having fun till the end, be sure to book a wedding DJ soon. Ideally, you want to book them six months to a year out. The best wedding DJs are in high demand, so if you have someone in mind, reach out early so they can reserve your date!