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Which open bar at Receptions is best for your wedding?

By Kayla Shelton



You want your wedding reception to be a fun celebration with your closest family and friends. Are you asking yourself if alcohol at your wedding is necessary? Or which open bar at Receptions is best for your wedding? Many couples opt for some open bar at Receptions allowing guests to enjoy themselves and for a little liquid courage to get them out on the dance floor. What are the different types of bars, and which is best for you?

Let’s check out the different open bar options Receptions offers!

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A cash bar is not an open bar but an option for guests to purchase their drinks at your reception. A cash bar provides a bar option for couples who may not be drinkers but don’t mind if guests enjoy a few. In addition, cash bars are the most cost-effective option for a budget-conscious couple.


BEER & WINE – Partial open bar at Receptions

Providing beer and wine for your guests is a partially open bar at Receptions offering complimentary beer and wine to your guests. Many hosts ass a cash bar for liquor, so if your guests prefer something a bit stronger, they have the option to pay for liquor themselves. A popular choice for afternoon weddings and if you know your guests are more into beer and wine. Our Majestic and Sapphire wedding packages include beer and wine for a budget-friendly option while still providing adult-friendly beverages to guests.


An open well liquor bar at Receptions is another excellent addition to your wedding package providing beer, wine, and well liquors. What are well liquors? Essentially, the bottom shelf, aka not name brand of liquor. They are providing guests alternate options aside from beer and wine. Receptions offer many good liquors, including vodka, rums, gin, whiskey, tequila, amaretto, and more. The possibility for fun cocktails goes on and on with an open well bar! Our Brilliance package includes this great option.


The open call liquor bar is the top level of open bars offered at Receptions. Including beer, wine, well liquors, plus adds in the “call” liquors or name brands. Some of the most popular liquors with this package include Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels, Tanqueray, and Jim Beam. You are sure to have guests feeling great and partying all night out on the dancefloor with this bar package!

We can customize a unique bar package for you and your guests. Is there a type of craft beer or bottle of whiskey your crowd loves? We are happy to work with you!

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open bar alcohol type for your wedding
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Which open bar at Receptions is best for your wedding?

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You know your guests and family best, consider how many of your guests will use the bar, what your budget is, and if you want to encourage a party/dancing atmosphere. We also offer late-night snack bars, which are great complements to an open bar. After all, a few cocktails and lots of dancing guests can work up an appetite.

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