Our Story

Receptions Event Centers has a long history in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky as a premier event facility.  We want to share “Our Story” with you. 

It all started with our Fairfield Location 29 years ago. We built our future on integrity, extraordinary service, and delicious food. We soon found we had clients traveling to host their events in Fairfield. and our second location in Erlanger, Kentucky.  Receptions Event Centers are the largest in the Tri-State area offering over 100,000 square feet of special event space. 

Our foundation has been built on superior customer service from our staff, delicious food from our team of Executive Chef’s, and attention to detail in executing your event.  For 29 years, Receptions Event Centers has been hosting a wide variety of events, from wedding receptions to company meetings, trade shows, award banquets, seminars, retirement parties, and fundraisers.  We will always be grateful to our customers and the many guests who have been to Receptions Event Centers. Our growth has been the result of our core beliefs of customer service, unmatched value, delicious food, and facilities that are meticulously maintained.  Here is how Receptions Event Centers story started.



Following a Dream To Fulfil Dreams

It all started with an entrepreneur’s dream to fulfill the dreams of brides—to make their reception a memorable experience to last a lifetime.  That is how Receptions Event Centers got started.  In 1992, a couple of entrepreneurs turned to a Family member to form a partnership, took a chance, and turned an idea, a concept, and a passion into reality.  To this day, Receptions continues as a family business, in fact the families of Receptions is one of the guiding principles, which will propel us for future generations of dreams.  Our Families of Team members and Customers are led by a creative team of experienced and dedicated professionals.  Early on, the company’s sole focus was weddings.  However, the guests’ experiences with the company’s service and food quality created demand for Receptions to host meetings, fundraisers, corporate banquets, expos, and all sorts of other events.  This, coupled with the success in weddings, broadened the marketplace for the company and caused dynamic growth.  The company found it was able to create memorable experiences for meetings and planners as well as weddings.


How Did The Name “Receptions” Come About?

The story.  In October of 1991, while the business’ principals were deciding whether to start the company, a deadline was looming that could impact the first year of business.  It was the deadline to submit advertising for the 1992 edition of the only area wedding magazine.  With no internet back then, if you did not have an ad (or phone book listing), no one would know you existed.  So, there was pressure to commit to the ad.  But the business was not yet established.  The lease was not signed, nor any permit applications filed.  There were many loose ends, and it was still questionable if the business would even get started.  Then, a last-minute decision was made to run the magazine ad with the reasoning that if the business did not get started the worst case would be that money was spent on an ad for a company that never opened.  This then led to the big question: “What are we going to call the business?”.  Heads were spinning.  Potential business names were flying from every direction.  Then came this statement: “Just call it Receptions.  We can always change the name later.  At least we will have an ad with a name, and we can assign a phone number to the name.”   Fortuitously, the name stuck—but not because of input from marketing gurus or focus groups.

The name stuck because We Pride Ourselves On Our Service, Food, Staff, and Buildings.

“Receptions….Reliable People….Remarkable Events.”

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