Holiday Party Promotion

We know waiting too long to book a holiday party can be stressful. You worry if the venue will have the date available and if I will get the best price. So Receptions have a Holiday Party Promotion for all customers who book before October 15, 2022.

With the holiday season just around the corner, we are offering a Holiday Party Promotion by booking your holiday party early. 

Book your holiday party by 10/15, and we will provide one of the following Free Add Ons.

  • Free Appetizer (choose one): Meatballs, Bruschetta, or Chicken Quesadilla Bites
  • Free Desert Bar
  • Free Late Night Snack (choose one): Coney or Nacho Bar
  • Purchase a Well Bar Package and be upgraded to a Call Bar
  • Free Soft Drinks, Coffee, Tea, and Water

Reach out to a sales manager at one of our locations today to receive more information. 

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