School Banquets

School Functions are an essential part of Receptions’ core business.

We believe in giving back to the community by creating a great value for local schools. Each location has different schools that host a variety of events at our Conference Centers. Proms, School Banquets, Award Banquets, Social Group Meetings, Fundraisers and Young Life Groups… we are here to serve you!  Please contact one of our Sales Managers today and ask how our Non-Profit pricing can help your school!

  • Monday-Friday and Sundays only
  • 4 hour event- 501(c)(3) Required with Contract.
  • Linens, Tables, Chairs, Centerpieces, Beverages, podium and Mic all included with  menu choice.

Saturday evening events will be charged accordingly to your needs and the room minimum.  Contact one of our sales managers today and we will be happy to help with any needs regarding your school’s functions.